About Us

"St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Elgin Texas is a congregation which is deeply rooted in a small town which is experiencing rapid expansion because of a close proximity to the capitol city of Austin. The City of Elgin recently coined the phrase “perfectly situated” to describe itself. We believe that St. Peter’s is also “perfectly situated” in its ability to grow and prosper in our community. The community has grown exponentially and St. Peter’s hopes to encourage growth within the newest sections of our community.

Our congregation is one that has a rich history of involvement in the community. Our members can be found leading and participating in almost every community organization that supports others. Some examples are the Community Food Bank, Meals on Wheels program, Relay for Life, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Friends of the Elgin Library, Operation Christmas Child, Elgin Caregivers, Elgin Soup Kitchen, Crop Walk and many others. We are arguably one of the most active congregations in our local community.

At present our congregation is made up of 350 members. This number is derived from a thorough update of our membership rolls, which was completed in July of 2011. Our congregation is led by Pastor Sam Brannon.

Our congregation is ready to change and grow in our life as a church body. We are ready for new ideas and are excited about the possibilities of expanding our ministries to include many new families of all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds."

Stephen Kylberg